Oral Health in South Park: The Skinny On Toothpaste

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Welcome to our blog! At Advanced Dentistry of Charlotte, we care about the state of our patients’ oral health in South Park. Today’s message sheds some light on a few common questions we get regarding toothpaste. Here they are:

Why does toothpaste seem gritty?

The abrasive aspect of toothpaste is to assist in removing dental plaque and food from the surface of the teeth. Rough brushing becomes unnecessary for dental patients when the abrasives in the toothpaste can snag the mouth’s lingering bits of food and polish the enamel at the same time.

What’s with the strong minty flavors?

Minty flavorants are used to encourage continued use of the paste and to freshen breath. However, dynamic toothpaste alone is not designed to cure bad breath for people affected. While unflavored toothpaste exists, the world has also seen such flavors as peanut butter, iced tea, and ginger. To treat halitosis, it is best to prohibit periodontal disease and to also brush bacteria from far back on the tongue. Removing the source is vital and more effective than covering it up with minty flavorings.

What is Fluoride’s place in a toothpaste?

Fluoride occurs in small amounts in plants, animals, and some natural water sources. It is championed by health-conscious men and women for preventing tooth decay and controlling gingivitis. Fluoride-containing compounds are added to many types of toothpaste to add another vital dimension to the oral hygiene regimen for preventing decay and improving oral health in South Park.

How are toothpaste and flossing related?

Flossing regularly in conjunction with brushing helps to prevent bacterial growth, tooth decay, and plaque build-up by simply removing chunks of food or substances that could break down the tooth. This can vastly improve oral health in South Park.

Finally, what about the relationship between toothpaste and mouthwash?

The use of mouthwash cannot replace regular brushing and flossing. Mouthwash or fluoride rinse simply adds yet another effective layer of defense against bacterial growth in the mouth. If you need information about dental implants, restorations, veneers or crowns, call us today. If restorative dentistry sounds like something you would like to consider call us today. If cosmetic dentistry or teeth whitening have crossed your mind, we’re here at 704-337-8070. We are proud to serve residents in the South Park area with comprehensive dental services.

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