Makeovers For Busy Smiles

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Charlotte low price teeth bleaching

Have you been considering beautifying your smile with cosmetic dentistry but are afraid you can’t fit it into your hectic schedule? Let Advanced Dentistry of Charlotte – Dr. Christopher A. Bowman put your mind at ease Cosmetic dentistry at Advanced Dentistry of Charlotte – Dr. Christopher A. Bowman is faster than you think. Some procedures […]

Mini Implants May Be Right For You

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Though they are not as well known as traditional dental implants, mini implants are also being used successfully in the Charlotte area to improve smiles. Implants are popular because they provide a natural, lasting smile, allowing you to live and eat more freely. At Advanced Dentistry of Charlotte, we can help you decide if dental implants are […]

Inlays/Onlays: Less Invasive Than Complete Crowns

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Advanced Dentistry of Charlotte offers excellent restorative dental care. The field of restorative dentistry has come a long way over the years.There are now several effective ways to repair decayed teeth. Let’s discuss  two similar types of restorations: dental inlays and onlays. Sometimes, our team can perform an inlay or an onlay instead of a […]

It Doesn’t Take A Lot Of Time To Beautify Your Smile

South Park cosmetic smile makeover

At Advanced Dentistry of Charlotte, we can help you beautify your smile in less time than you think. Our team can help restore missing, cracked, or discolored teeth – sometimes in just one visit. Today dental implants are considered the best way to replace missing teeth. They look and feel like your own teeth. Also, dental […]

3 Problems Which May Require A Root Canal

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Advanced Dentistry of Charlotte – Dr. Christopher A. Bowman wants to make sure that our dental patients our well informed. In this post, we will discuss the root canal procedure or endodontic treatment. The root canal may be the most cringe-worthy dental treatment. It is important that dental patients know what is happening during this […]

How Dental Implants Are Changing Dentures

How Dental Implants are Changing Dentures in Charlotte

If you are one of the many Charlotte denture wearers, you know that they are not the ideal solution for missing teeth. At Advanced Dentistry of Charlotte, we can help if you’re having issues with your dentures. The problems with dentures include slipping, gum irritation, trouble eating and talking, bone loss, and inability to taste […]

Avoid Sports Injuries: Protect Those Teeth!

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It is estimated that over 5 million teeth are knocked out yearly and a significant portion of these dental traumas occur on the playing field or court. Each dislodged tooth requires several trips to the dentist and hundreds of dollars in restoration expenses. Not to mention pain! At Advanced Dentistry of Charlotte we want to […]

Can You Straighten Your Teeth Without Braces?

Spring Retainers Can Correct Alignment Without Braces

Many men and women could improve their smile with braces, yet only a few of them are currently undergoing treatment.  A common reason people don’t have orthodontic treatment is because they don’t want to have a mouthful of metal. At Advanced Dentistry of Charlotte, we can help you with your crooked teeth. Metal braces aren’t […]

Think You Know How To Brush? Think Again.

Charlotte tooth brushing tips

Advanced Dentistry of Charlotte – Dr. Chris Bowman wants you to keep your beautiful smile. Even though you’ve been brushing since you were five; are you doing it right? Actually, many individuals are making tooth brushing mistakes. You may need to tweak your routine to better support your oral health and guard your smile from […]