Straight Teeth For Young Smiles And Not-So-Young Smiles in Charlotte

Can't afford braces?

Few dental advancements are more appreciated than modern braces. Teeth straightening hardware of the past had many drawbacks. It generally involved a whole orthodontic toolkit—full metal bands, headgear, elastics, spacers, and wires poking every which way. If you played an instrument that required the use of your mouth, well, it wasn’t easy. At Advanced Dentistry…

Suspect A Bite Problem?

Charlotte Headache Relief

At Advanced Dentistry of Charlotte, we know that a common dental problem tends to go undiagnosed for years. This is because people chalk it up to genetics and don’t even realize it’s a problem. The problem we’re talking about is, of course, malocclusion.  Literally meaning “bad bite,” it is a term coined by Edward Angle,…

Orthodontic Options

Charlotte Invisible Braces

Orthodontics is focused on aligning the upper and lower teeth into an ideal bite. There are various orthodontic options on the market. At Advanced Dentistry of Charlotte, we offer Invisalign® clear braces, one of our most popular cosmetic dentistry options. Clear braces bring your teeth into proper alignment but make orthodontic treatment less conspicuous. The…

A Teenage Smile Without The Metal

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No One Will Know You Are Wearing Braces In Charlotte

Many adults want to straighten their teeth, but having a noticeable mouthful of teenager-style metal braces is not exactly what they had in mind. With adult orthodontics from Advanced Dentistry of Charlotte, you can have it both ways! We offer two options: clear braces from Invisalign, and Six Month Smiles clear braces. Technically, Invisalign clear…

Can You Straighten Your Teeth Without Braces?

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Spring Retainers Can Correct Alignment Without Braces

Many men and women could improve their smile with braces, yet only a few of them are currently undergoing treatment.  A common reason people don’t have orthodontic treatment is because they don’t want to have a mouthful of metal. At Advanced Dentistry of Charlotte, we can help you with your crooked teeth. Metal braces aren’t…