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Dr. Chris Bowman, DDS Testimonials

As one of the premier dental practices in Charlotte NC, Dr. Christopher A. Bowman and the team at Advanced Dentistry of Charlotte are committed to excellence. For this reason there’s nothing more fulfilling than receiving confirmation that we’ve done a great job for our patients.

I never would have thought that it would make that much of a difference to change out my silver fillings and replace them with tooth colored ones. However after Dr. Bowman finished a section of mine I can say that it makes all the difference in the world! These tooth colored fillings at rock! And, knowing now that there were cavities under the old fillings, I'm so glad that I got them done. It makes me want to smile more now than I did before... And I can't wait to get the other ones finished!

– Monica P. –

I used to be so afraid to go to the dentist that I would dread every visit period now it's not nearly as bad as it was before. I recently recommended Dr. Bowman to a coworker who was looking for a new dentist. I know she will be in good hands.

– Lorraine C. –

Today's dentist appointment went very well. I have had very bad experience with dentists in the past. Mary Catherine explained everything very well and made my teeth cleaning experience great. Doctor Bowman is great with patience and explains everything well. This dentist office seems very modern with modern technology.

– Katie H. –

I was nervous before I started coming to you doctor Bowman. My insurance says that you are expensive but I don't care because you are the best to! I used to have nightmares about going to the dentist, I was terrified. I want the best work for my teeth, and that is what I get here.

– Amy –

You guys are awesome! Every time someone mentioned something about dentistry, or they are unhappy with their dentist, I tell them: you've got to go see doctor Chris Bowman!

– Dianne P. –

Dear doctor Bowman,

As you know I came to you last fall as a result of a very difficult dental experience earlier in the year. Today, I am having the final work done to remedy that situation. There is no way I can adequately thank you for both the way you have handled this process and the care you have given. In an ever-increasing “hurry up” world, you took the time to thoroughly explain not only what needed to be done, but why. You addressed my concerns and fears. You and your staff are extremely professional and accommodating. And, most importantly, you have, step by step, corrected the problems I was experiencing. For the first time in many months, I have no pain or discomfort. So as long as I live in Charlotte, and you practice in Charlotte, I will consider no other dentist. And I am spreading the word.

Many, many thanks.

– Teresa C. F. –

Dear doctor Bowman:

I wanted to take a moment to tell you what an exceptional operation you have.

like so many others, my entire life I have dreaded a visit to the dentist. However, from my very first visit to your office, you, and your exceptional team of assistance have made the extensive dental work I am undergoing a breeze.

Your office, equipment and attitude is state of the art and I feel that no expense has been spared to make my experience as comfortable as is humanly possible. I honestly feel that every person in your office genuinely cares about my well being on each and every visit.

In my profession I am in constant contact with artisans of all types in your desire for perfection and your attention to detail and precision shines through in each procedure that we undertake I am extremely pleased with the result thus far and look forward with anticipation to the end result.

Thank you for making such a difference.

– Debbie S. –

I had been traumatized before, and I stayed away from any dental office from 1997 through 2004. The thought of going to the dentist made me break out into a cold sweat. I was even starting to feel some pain in my teeth and gums because I had been away so long... But I just couldn't bring myself to go... Everything changed when I first visited doctor Chris Bowman. He and his excellent dental team put me completely at ease. First, he didn't yell at me or make me feel guilty for staying away from dental offices. He understood my concerns and fears, and he made me actually feel good about being there and since I started getting things taken care of, everything feels so much better! I can tell a huge difference. Before my teeth and gums were so sensitive... now my cleanings are actually comfortable! And his dentistry looks fantastic. It was doctor bowman's dentistry and his gentle approach that made all the difference. I would recommend anyone who wants to feel great about seeing their dentist to seek out Dr. Chris Bowman.

– Kamilah E. –

This is the first time it has been easy to floss. My new teeth feel good and look great.

– Melanie –

My experience with doctor Bowman and his staff has been great. There was no pain associated with my dental work I received. I cannot say the same about my previous dentist.

– Dr. David W. –

My first visit to doctor Bowman was very positive period having seen his ad in the Skirt magazine, I phoned to schedule the initial visit. Even the phone conversation was pleasant. I feel comfortable and confident that I've made a excellent choice. Thanks doctor Bowman, Rachel and Trish for a great beginning

– C. W. –

Dr. Bowman, I would put up a billboard on I-85 to tell everyone about you and your staff! Thank you for all you do- you're the best. I've been to other dental offices and never have I felt the way I do when I leave your office. You treat me like a person and best of all-you can do everything from a simple teeth cleaning to a beautiful Crown! You have the best technology. Your hygienist is down to earth and honest- that makes my visits to her very nice. Once again, thank you, thank you!

– Anne H. –

Dr. Bowman,

I wanted to thank you again for fixing my tooth on Friday. I truly appreciate your pleasant attitude and willingness to help me on your day off.

– Lisa C. –

I was so worried about coming back to the dentist after having been away for so long. From the first time I talked to him on the phone I was much more relaxed. Kim was very sympathetic and caring. She assured me that Dr. Bowman and the staff would be gentle. Her Royal Highness Trish in the office was very funny and engaging and really put me at ease from the start. Rachel is the greatest dental assistant very caring and smart and reassuring. My husband and I will definitely be back to see doctor Bowman and his great staff.

– Jennifer P. –

If you have to come to the dentist, this is a great place to be. Everyone is wonderful to deal with. Such a happy, helpful group!

– Linda R. –

How many people can say they love to go to the dentist? I can! Dr. Bowman and his staff are professional, caring, gentle, up on the latest technology and most of all, dedicated to their clients. I am never anxious or nervous about my appointments because I know I am in good hands. Having always been very pleased with the work that is done, I highly recommend Dr. Bowman to anyone who is looking for a dentist.

– Mary M. –

I always feel nervous when calling a new dentist. Trisha made me feel so comfortable when I called for my first appointment. It was so nice to have a friendly voice on the line.

– Dale C. –

I was skeptical at first. I thought “just because he saw a number on a little gadget, he says I have a cavity. I don't see one!” Now, I'm convinced this is a better way. There was a little cavity, and I was able to get it fixed with no novocaine shot. Also, I'd rather spend 10 minutes in the chair than an hour!

– Trish C. –

Dr. Bowman, just a quick note, that is long overdue, to thank you and your staff for the excellent care and service that you give me each and every time I visit your office. I appreciate your commitment to excellence in the field of dentistry and your dedication to 1st class service. I always leave your office knowing that you feel great about the work you have done. I will continue to share your name with anyone who asks do you know a good dentist in town? As I think you are the best! Thank you again and best wishes for continued success.

– Mary Beth M. –

I'd like to compliment Dr. Bowman and team for a fantastic first visit. As a bargain shopper I was looking for a quick appointment close to home. I was immediately scheduled into the office. Not only am I impressed with the speed of my visit- I am especially wowed by the courteous staff. Not to mention Rachel and doctor Bowman listened to my concerns and put me at ease about corrective treatment. Thanks a bunch.

– Monica –

I was having high overall sensitivity with my teeth. I came in and you adjusted my bite ever so slightly. I didn't think that it would work enough for me to notice a difference. Much to my surprise, I have absolutely no sensitivity now - wow! Thank you, Dr. Bowman.

– Kathy F. –

He is the sweetest and most personable dentist I have ever had period I had to get my first fillings and I was really scared. Doctor Bowman joked around with me and did everything he could to make sure that I was painless and that I was comfortable. His staff is terrific too. I highly recommend this doctor.
Dear doctor Bowman and staff,
it was so wonderful of you to think of me as I recover.
I am doing well and hoping to see you soon. (Smile)
Take good care and God bless.

– B. G. –

I have been a patient of doctor Bowman since 1996. He has performed a considerable amount of excellent dental work for me, and I recommend him highly.

– Edith –

I had a full day of dentistry. I was a little nervous and concerned about the length of day- and how much it might hurt. Believe me- doctor Bowman and his staff made the day so unbelievably pleasant- in spite of all the work that had to be done! My new teeth look great! And I'm surprised I really don't feel too bad just a little sore thank you staff and especially doctor Bowman.

– P. P. –

Dr. Bowman and staff are great; I felt comfortable the moment I entered the office. Doctor Bowman was informative about my dental care and did a great job at creating a dental health plan. At all times I felt comfortable and relaxed during each visit (on occasion took a small nap during the procedure) the staff is wonderful and are always a treat to see. I found I look forward to my visits. Thank you doctor Bowman and staff for my great smile!

– David D. –

Dr. Bowman and his staff are the best! Their sensitivity to your needs and comfort level is unduplicated in any other dental office I've encountered. Thanks for the great service.

– Krista G. –

Dear doctor Bowman and staff,
I want to thank you for superb care. After 2 Crown preps and deep scaling, I had no discomfort that evening. Additionally, my new crowns fit great and feel natural.

– M. K. –

I've worked in business for over 30 years and it is so nice to walk in an office and everyone knows your name. I wish more businesses would do the same!

– Shirley W. –

I had a wonderful experience with doctor Bowman. He is very careful, meticulous and precise- which leads to a beautiful result. He and Susan Ann page all make you feel as comfortable as possible and very well cared for. I have already recommended him to others.
Dear doctor Bowman and staff, I can't thank you enough for restoring my teeth with my new dental implants. My dental history has been a long and drawn out nightmare of going to this dentist and that dentist only to end up frustrated, in pain and in worse dental health with each visit. Through a referral from a previous employee, I found you and your wonderful team and finally, after three long years, I can close this chapter with a happy into the story. It took only four short and comfortable visits for you to do what I had been told could not be done. Well, I left your office today with new molars in my mouth that look and feel complete natural and I can't wait to eat! My only regret is that I did not find you sooner.

– Kelly G. –

Doctor Bowman has helped me overcome my fear of the dentist. I wish he would have been my dentist when I was a child.

– J. P –

I feel so much healthier since having the periodontal therapy completed. I had a infection in my gums and perio therapy and all the tools by doctor Bowman and his team gave me have helped to eliminate that infection. I feel better!

– Jamil M. –

People always say they hate going to the dentist. Because I go to doctor Bowman, I love going to the dentist.

– Amey H. –

Before I came here, I didn't like going to the dentist. But, I told my wife, I can't wait until Monday to go- all the girls are so nice. Dr. Bowman has the nicest group of women to be around- it's a pleasure!
Dr. Bowman and staff, thank you so much for seeing me and treating me on short notice last week. I was feeling quite ill, but thanks to you all, I was able to get the medicine I needed very quickly. My mouth is almost back to normal! Your professionalism and concern for my well being are greatly appreciated.

– Anna N. –

Dear doctor Bowman, I just wanted to say that I appreciate your attention to my needs. I have been to several dentists in Charlotte who could not diagnose to my TMJ. You were able to diagnose me in one visit. You have helped me tremendously with the mouth guard. My headaches and mouth pain are gone.

– Z. Z. –

I had four fillings done at the same time and it was not bad at all. I did not feel a thing period the DIRECTV kept my mind off of the drilling. Overall, I had a pain free great experience.

– F. R. –

Doctor Bowman has helped me so much. He made a bite appliance for me that has almost completely eliminated my migraines. I used to have migraines every week and now they are virtually gone.

– J. R. –

Coming here is a treat instead of a treatment!

– Robert D. –

Below you can see some of the handwritten patient testimonials we’ve received over the years as well as a few video testimonials. The cases vary from simple cosmetic dentistry procedures such as teeth whitening to orthodontics and more advanced restorative dentistry procedures such as dental implants. The common thread, however, is happy patients that felt we made a positive change in their lives.