Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation

Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation Gum Rejuvenation Restores Charlotte Smiles

For a long time now the only solution for receding gums was gum grafting. Gum grafting includes a painful and slow healing procedure caused by taking skin from the roof of the mouth and grafting it to the gums. Healing times have been up to three weeks (or longer) and included a fair amount of discomfort and inconvenience. The pinhole gum rejuvenation technique is a game-changer in addressing receding gums and is utilized by very few dentists in the Myers Park area because it is such a new technique. The gum rejuvenation treatment is completely safe and is actually less invasive and traumatic than traditional gum grafting.

Gum grafting is no longer the only solution to treating receding gums. Charlotte dentist Dr. Bowman is thrilled to offer the gum rejuvenation treatment to his wonderful patients in the Myers Park, Dilworth, and surrounding areas. Gum rejuvenation surgery is another great breakthrough in dental technology and we are at the forefront in providing the most comfortable and effective dentistry.

What is Gum Recession?

gum surgery candidate with a Charlotte dentist Myers ParkGum recession occurs when a patient’s gums begin to move up from the tip of the tooth (recede). You may have heard the expression that someone is getting “long in the tooth” as they age. This is a reference to the appearance of the tooth getting longer, when in actuality it is only the act of gum recession. Though aging is associated with gum recession, other factors are often the cause. The gum rejuvenation technique is a solution for those experiencing gum recession in the Charlotte, Dilworth and Myers Park area.

Signs You Might Have Gum Recession

Aside from visual confirmation that your gums have indeed receded, some of the other early warning signs of a larger issue with your gums include:

  • Swollen, red, or purple gums
  • Pus between your teeth and gums
  • A bad taste in your mouth
  • A difference in the way your teet fit together when biting
  • Loose teeth
  • Increased sensitivity to hot and cold
  • Bad breath

The Dangers of Gum Recession in Charlotte

causes of receding gums Myers Park and CharlotteReceding gums (or root recession) is a lot worse than a tired joke about getting older. “Long in the tooth” is commonly used to refer to someone’s age, but those receding gums can point to much more serious issues. Did you know? Root recession (more appropriately called gum recession) brings many disadvantages with it:

  • Unsightly – Receding gums are not attractive. Embarrassment maybe be a daily concern if gum recession get’s out of control.
  • Health Risks – Unhealthy, receding gums can make you more susceptible to periodontal (gum) disease. More studies continue to link gum disease and heart disease together.
  • Tooth Loss – If you think jokes about root recession are bad enough now, wait till teeth start falling out because the gum and bone tissue surrounding your teeth deteriorate.

Common Causes of Receding Gums In Myers Park

root recession with a Charlotte dentist Myers ParkGum recession is often caused by one or multiple of the following reasons.

BRUSHING TOO HARD | Yes, brushing your teeth can be bad for you… if done improperly. Using hard bristles, abrasive toothpaste or just brushing too forcefully can cause receding gums.

WEAR AND TEAR | It’s going to happen. You put wear on your teeth every single day of your life. Sometimes it can catch up to you in the form of receding gums. Gum recession is a slow and gradual occurrence, so it’s not always easy to catch it when it starts.

GUM DISEASE | Almost half of Americans suffer from gum disease. If left untreated, gum disease can lead to gum recession (and much worse).

GRINDING TEETH | Teeth grinding (bruxism) adds additional strain and wear to your teeth. Couple it with brushing too hard and/or gum disease and you have a recipe for gum recession.

The Gum Rejuvenation Procedure In Charlotte

  1. Consultation | During your initial visit to our Myers Park and Charlotte area you will love how Dr. Bowman partners with you to help you determine if the gum rejuvenation technique is the best solution for you. Gum grafting is an option as well, but in almost all cases the gum rejuvenation surgery should get you the same or better results.
  2. gum grafting Myers Park dentist in Charlotte NCTreatment | The actual gum rejuvenation technique involves putting a tiny “pinhole” in the gum above the tooth to be treated. A special instrument is inserted in this hole (no scalpels or cuts!) and the gum is loosened, then positioned in the desired location. Once the gums are positioned properly, collagen is inserted in the gum to hold it in place while it heals.
  3. Healing | A huge benefit of gum rejuvenation surgery is no cutting or grafting occurs and healing time can literally take less than a day. In some procedures, the patient is able to eat dinner like normal the same day! No days on end of eating pudding and no long-term, painful recuperation time.
  4. Check up | Gum rejuvenation surgery is so minimally invasive and safe that there is little chance of major healing issues. However, Dr. Bowman will want to make sure you are completely happy with the results and that the procedure was effective.

Benefits of the Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation Technique

gum rejuvenation in Myers Park and CharlotteThe gum rejuvenation technique offers substantial advantages over traditional periodontal grafting. Though periodontal grafting is effective and has improved the lives of thousands and thousands of people, we believe the gum rejuvenation technique will replace periodontal grafting in most cases for our patients in the Charlotte, Myers Park and Dilworth areas.

LESS INVASIVE | Gum rejuvenation is significantly less invasive in that the only “cutting” going on is the placing of a pinhole sized incision above the tooth to be treated. No cutting pieces of the roof of your mouth out and placing them somewhere else. No stitches.

LESS PAIN | With gum rejuvenation requiring only a pinhole-sized incision above the tooth, naturally it is going to be less painful than traditional grafting which requires significant cutting. Patients need not put off addressing their gum recession any longer. They no longer have to dread the treatment of their gums and can instead looking forward to an efficient, seamless procedure.

FASTER HEALING | Periodontal grafting traditionally takes about three weeks to heal. That healing is not pleasant either. You can only eat so much pudding! Realize that periodontal grafting involves cutting pieces of skin from the roof of your mouth to be sewn to your gums. That takes your body a little time to heal from. The gum rejuvenation treatment usually only requires about a day of healing, if that, for our patients in Charlotte.

periodontal grafting with a Charlotte dentist Myers ParkSHORTER TREATMENT TIME | Not only is the healing time substantially shorter, the treatment time for the gum rejuvenation technique is much less than periodontal grafting. Dr. Bowman can literally treat 4-6 teeth with the gum rejuvenation treatment in the amount of time it would take to do one (1) tooth with periodontal grafting at his office in Charlotte NC. This means less time in the dental chair and less trauma to your body.

EFFECTIVE | The natural thought would be that the gum rejuvenation technique must not be as effective as traditional periodontal grafting if it takes less time and heals faster. Not so! The gum rejuvenation treatment has proven itself to be just as effective, if not more so, and it’s an option for just about every patient!

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