6 Ways To Prepare For Oral Surgery In Charlotte, North Carolina

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how to prepare for oral surgery Charlotte

When it comes to preparing for oral surgery, or any dental procedure for that matter, the revered patients of Christopher A. Bowman, DDS, PA are given 6 important instructions to get them through from start to finish. First, Choose Wisely Understanding the pros and cons of a procedure helps you attain your ideal outcome. This […]

Debunking Dental Myths

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Today’s Christopher A. Bowman, DDS, PA blog post focuses on three dental-related myths prevalent in the Dilworth area. All Sugar Is Equally Bad For Teeth We all know that sugar increases our risk of tooth decay, but some types are worse than others. Sugar-based foods that sit on the teeth are more dangerous than those […]

Bad Breath Is No Fun For Charlotte Residents

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Imagine you are starting a new job in Charlotte and are going to talk to your new boss for the first time. Confidence is key to your success. As you reach out to shake the extended hand your broad confident smile exposes rows of pearly white teeth, yet when you open your mouth to exchange […]

Charlotte: 7 Surprising Causes Of Bad Breath

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Charlotte men and women who have chronic bad breath understand the embarrassment and frustration associated with this condition. There are several possible causes, some that are often overlooked by our Charlotte patients. Poor oral hygiene Digestive problems Systemic infection Bacteria on dentures Gum disease Food particles on tonsils Dry mouth At Christopher A. Bowman, DDS, […]

Stay out of the Charlotte Dental Danger Zone

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General Dentistry And Dental Safety In Charlotte

You would never consider running a red light on a busy Charlotte street or crossing over a lane of orange construction cones on the freeway, but you might be doing some everyday things that are a real danger to your oral health. I’m Dr. Chris Bowman, serving the Charlotte, Myers Park, and Ballantyne area, and I want to […]

Don’t Chew On Your Dentist, Charlotte!

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Bite down hard, but not on Dr. Bowman’s hand! Do you find that biting down hard is painful or awkward? There are ways to find the source of the trouble and there are ways to make it right. Let Christopher A. Bowman, DDS, PA of Advanced Dentistry of Charlotte help you with that everyday chewing […]

Dilworth Dentists Know When A Problem Can Become Serious

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Today in the Charlotte family dentist blog we are going to discuss those small irritations in the mouth that have the potential to become big problems. Injuries, sores, or inflammation in the mouth can be very uncomfortable. These non-specific irritations, called stomatitis, have many different causes. They may be cause by cold sores, gum disease, […]

Dilworth Dental Patients, Take Care Of Your Toothbrush!

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Dilworth Dental Patients Take Care Of Your Toothbrush!

The common household toothbrush. Every Charlotte home has at least one, and hopefully all Charlotte residents are brushing their teeth after each meal. While cosmetic dentistry and complete smile makeovers seem to be all the rage these days, daily brushing is still the most important thing you can do for your oral health. It has […]

Does Your Dilworth Dentist Conjure Up Cavities?

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Cavities can be filled, but it’s better to prevent cavities in the first place. If your dentist seems to conjure up cavities at every visit, then it’s up to you to break the cycle. But we are here to help you. Let’s work together. How can you lift the cavity curse? Schedule a preventative dental […]

10 Terrific Tooth Tips From Christopher A. Bowman, DDS, PA

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10 Terrific Tooth Tips From Christopher A. Bowman, DDS, PA

1. If you have kids and your municipal water supply does not have the recommended level of fluoride, talk to your pediatrician about fluoride supplements. Fluoride strengthens both the teeth you can see and the ones still forming in the jaw. 2. Set a timer when you brush to make sure you spend at least […]