Is Tooth Decay Contagious?

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In this post from Advanced Dentistry of Charlotte we discuss tooth decay, also known as cavities. Your mouth has a thriving community of bacteria. There are from 200-300 types. But relatively few cause tooth decay. Bacteria that cause cavities are in the mutans streptococcus family. The bacteria mix with sugar. This mixture creates a powerful […]

For A Healthier Smile, Stop Doing This

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The team at Advanced Dentistry of Charlotte – Dr. Christopher A. Bowman would like to discuss how to have a healthy smile. Here is a list of what NOT to do. Chewing sugared gum all day. Cavities, a sore jaw, or issues with your bridgework may result. If you must chew, select gum with Xylitol. Drinking […]

3 Ways To Minimize Candy Intake At Parties

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At Advanced Dentistry of Charlotte – Dr. Christopher A. Bowman, we understand how hard it is to avoid sweets altogether at parties and other gatherings. We encourage healthy living for all of our patients. Here are 3 quick tips to help you minimize candy intake at parties: Have a healthy snack before you go. You’re […]

Smile Makeovers: First Things First

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In today’s post, we will focus on something that happens occasionally when a patient requests cosmetic dentistry from us, Advanced Dentistry of Charlotte – Dr. Christopher A. Bowman. You need to have a healthy mouth before you should do a smile makeover or whiten your teeth. However, patients sometimes want to enhance their smile first. Here’s […]

7 Steps For A Healthy Smile

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Advanced Dentistry of Charlotte – Dr. Christopher A. Bowman believes in healthy smiles. The best way to have a healthy smile is by prevention – both in healthy habits as well as visiting us twice a year. As Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Keeping your smile beautiful and healthy […]

Your Smile Doesn’t Have To Show Your Age

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Your Smile Doesn’t Have to Show Your Age in Charlotte

As we grow older, we may welcome many changes. However, most Charlotte retirees do not welcome wrinkles, gray hair and dental problems. Advanced Dentistry of Charlotte – Dr. Christopher A. Bowman can help with your dental issues. Fortunately, your smile can be attractive and healthy throughout your golden years! Even if your teeth are showing visible […]

Gritting Your Teeth: Stress And Your Smile

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At Advanced Dentistry of Charlotte – Dr. Christopher A. Bowman, our team cares about your smile. Did you know that stress can also impact your oral health?  Here are some dental problems linked to stress. Canker and Cold Sores Cold sores are a symptom of the herpes simplex virus. Scientists don’t know exactly what causes canker […]