Prepless Veneers

Simple Veneers Solutions For Patients Near Charlotte

Lumineers restore smiles for Myers Park.Do you have chipped, cracked, damaged, broken or misshapen teeth? Do you have teeth that are too small or have gaps in between them? If so, there are several treatments we offer. One such option is prepless tooth veneers.

What are prepless dental veneers?

Prepless dental veneers are a thin, porcelain shell that is bonded to the front and sometimes the side of your tooth. This tooth veneer covers up all kinds of issues and is a great cosmetic dental option that restores your smile beautifully.

There are two different kinds of dental veneers:

  • Traditional Dental Veneers – To prepare for this tooth veneer the dentist gently shaves off a very thin outer covering of enamel to better bond with your tooth. However, with prepless dental veneers, there is no preparation. In other words, the tooth veneer is bonded straight to your tooth. So if you ever decide you want to take off the tooth veneer, you will have your tooth just as it was before.
  • Prepless Dental Veneers – Prepless veneers offer functional and aesthetic benefits similar to those of traditional porcelain veneers. Many people around Myers Park and across the nation believe that prepless dental veneers are synonymous with the Lumineers™ brand. Lumineers™ is very popular. However, we have found a solution that we feel has aesthetics that are superior to Lumineers™. Though Lumineers™ supplies a perfectly satisfactory product, we believe the prepless dental veneers we will place on your teeth can make your smile the best it can be.

What are the advantages of prepless teeth veneers?

  • Patients near Charlotte seek professional tooth veneer dental work.The tooth veneer is removable, but is bonded to stay on and is very durable and stable.
  • With prepless dental veneers, none of your original tooth is damaged.
  • If you get a tooth veneer, it won’t look fake because we match it to be the right shade and color of your original teeth.
  • Dental veneers can brighten your smile a few shades if you cover all the teeth you can see in your smile.

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