Look As Young As You Feel By Replacing Missing Teeth

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A wise person once said that everyone wants a long life, but no one wants to get old. But there are rewards to growing older, not the least of which is more free time for family, hobbies, or travel.

Gaps In Your Smile?

But there can be a down side. Physical conditions can lower the quality of life. Dental problems can be as as chronic physical conditions. And missing teeth are one of the more common oral issues for older individuals.

Fortunately, your smile can be attractive and healthy at any age.

At Advanced Dentistry of Charlotte, we restore missing teeth with implant dentistry.

Dental implants help active seniors look as young as they feel. They are strong, beautiful, and function like natural teeth. Restore the youthful smile you once enjoyed with permanent dental implants.

Avoid Denture Drawbacks

Avoid denture disadvantages: embarrassing slipping, limited taste, and gum irritation. Dental implants are not just for youthful smiles, they keep your facial shape intact by maintaining jawbone structure.

Perhaps you have missing teeth plus problems with remaining teeth. Gum recession, chips, cracks, staining, or tooth decay. There are treatments for every problem. Dental implants can be combined with cosmetic dental services to beautify every tooth in your smile! Smile makeovers are now a reality.

At Advanced Dentistry of Charlotte, we offer dental implants and a wide range of cosmetic dentistry. Call us to schedule an appointment today.

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