How To Make Brushing Your Teeth A Habit

How To Make Brushing Your Teeth A Habit

Brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day is one of the best things you can do to maintain good dental health. You’ve probably heard us say that more than once, at Advanced Dentistry of Charlotte.

Not many patients like to admit it, but studies show that some people have a hard time working regular brushing into their daily schedule. If that sounds like you, please keep reading. We’ve got five tips to help turn brushing into a habit.

  • In Plain Sight. Leaving your toothbrush where you’re sure to see it will remind you. In a cup on the bathroom counter, or in a holder just by it, are tried-and-true techniques.
  • Find a toothbrush you like. Leaving it in plain sight is part one. Part two? A toothbrush you like! A brush with a comfortable handle can be a pleasure to use.
  • Toothpaste, too. There’s a wide selection of toothpaste out there. You may want something specific, like a sensitive-teeth paste, or one that whitens. Just make sure you like the flavor, and that it contains fluoride. Read the label!
  • Make it fun! Making it enjoyable is a great motivator. You like your toothbrush and toothpaste. Now, how about listening to your favorite music when you brush? Or brushing while you watch TV or listen to a podcast?
  • Put it on your to-do list. A lot of us are motivated by lists. Having a to-do list of daily activities might encourage you to pick up the brush and clean those teeth. It can be satisfying to check off another item on your list.

That’s five. We have more! Set an alarm. Brush in the shower. Right after breakfast. Right before bed.

Whatever works! At Advanced Dentistry of Charlotte we want all our patients to have clean teeth and healthy gums. Brush twice a day, remember to floss, and see us for regular checkups. People from Myers Park, Cotswold, and South Park come to our practice for family and restorative dentistry, and much more. Call for an appointment today!

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