How a Child’s Diet Affects Their Oral Health

Diet is important to a person’s overall health at every stage of life. It impacts physical, mental, and dental health. At Advanced Dentistry of Charlotte we encourage all our patients to maintain a well-balanced diet.

Let’s discuss the benefits of healthy foods for kids, in terms of dental health:

  • Healthy, non-sugary foods can help strengthen the enamel and gums
  • Healthier foods do not create as much plaque on the teeth
  • Good eating habits can last a lifetime and benefit more than just oral health
  • Avoiding hard or sticky foods that affect teeth can prevent tooth damage

Foods to avoid or limit:

  • Popcorn (unpopped kernels can break teeth)
  • Candy
  • Too much fruit (some fruits have a lot of sugar that can be damaging to the teeth)
  • Gummy, sticky foods like raisins and fruit snacks
  • Starchy foods
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Excessive acidic foods, condiments and beverages

Foods that can be beneficial for a child’s oral health:

  • Fiber-rich fruits and vegetables (acidic fruits in moderation)
  • Foods with fluoride (oatmeal, legumes, fluoride-adjusted municipal water, carrots, spinach, potatoes, white rice, asparagus)
  • Sugar-free gum or gum with fluoride
  • Calcium-rich dairy products

Teaching your child to brush after meals, floss daily, and avoid sugary foods are critical habits. At Advanced Dentistry of Charlotte our family dentistry helps everyone in your home maintain good dental health. People from Myers Park, Cotswold, and South Park also come to our practice for restorative dentistry, and much more. Call to schedule an appointment today!

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