Avoid These 5 Smile Wreckers

oral health hazards CharlotteYour smile is one of your best assets. Are you doing everything possible to protect it? There is a definite link between your dental health and overall health, and at Advanced Dentistry of Charlotte we want all our patients to do everything possible to maintain their smiles!

Here are five things that can wreck your smile. Some are obvious, while some are not as well known.

1. Sports Injuries

Even sports that are thought of as non-contact can lead to injury. An accidental elbow to the mouth can lead to damaged teeth. Make sure a mouthguard is among the protective gear you or your child wear on the field or in the gym.

2. Ice Chomping

Chewing ice can be refreshing, but dangerous too. Ice is hard enough to damage your teeth. If you love cold drinks, see about switching to shaved ice. But don’t chew it!

3. Oral Piercings

Oral piercings may be popular, but you run the risk of infection and swelling. That’s because of all the bacteria in your mouth. Piercings can also interfere with with speaking, chewing, and swallowing.

4. Gummy Candy

Gummy candies are popular: at the movies, as Halloween treats, and as a go-to snack. But since they stick to readily to your teeth, they’re really efficient at causing tooth decay. And if you have dental work, they can accidentally pull some of it out. Believe it or not, chocolate is a good substitute sweet, because it melts away. Just avoid the kind with a sticky coating or inside!

5. Not Brushing Your Teeth

Skip brushing for one day and plaque starts building up. After two days the layer is thicker, and your breath begins to stink. After a week of not brushing, gingivitis can set in. After a month? The beginnings of serious tooth decay. You know where this is headed: brush and floss your teeth, without fail, every day. Twice is better!

At Advanced Dentistry of Charlotte we want you to have the best possible dental health. Protect your smile by avoiding smile wreckers, and see us for regular checkups. Services include family and restorative dentistry. Call to schedule your next checkup today!

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