Protect Those Nooks And Crannies

Dr. Christopher Bowman is dedicated to the prevention of tooth decay, which is the foundation for a healthy and beautiful smile. Preventative dentistry – brushing, flossing, and regular dental cleanings with a dental hygienist – are crucial for keeping your

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Artistic Smile Masterpieces At Advanced Dentistry of Charlotte – Dr. Christopher A. Bowman

Hello Charlotte friends of Advanced Dentistry of Charlotte – Dr. Christopher A. Bowman! Thanks for stopping by the ultimate cosmetic dentistry blog. Today we are talking about personal transformation. Many Charlotte men and women want to reinvent themselves in at

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Celebrity Smiles In Charlotte

How do celebrities obtain brilliant white smiles that are always ready for the red carpet or a close-up? Do they avoid coffee? Not likely. Every star-watching magazine is full of pictures of famous people holding Starbucks cups. Do they avoid

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Successful Smiles In Dilworth

Dilworth professionals who are happy with the face they present to others have a greater level of confidence. Confident people in turn are more likely to be successful in their business and personal relationships. Simply put; if you feel better,

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See Christopher A. Bowman, DDS, PA For A Smile Impossible To Ignore

Many Charlotte residents consider the myriad options available to stop the aging clock. Whether it is a surgical procedure, botox, hair implants, or a chemical peel, North Carolina residents have countless choices to help them look more youthful. I am

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When Wayward Teeth Take A Crooked Path

Malocclusion is dental-speak for crooked teeth. When you consider all the different ways numerous 3-dimensional objects can be positioned, it is not surprising that malocclusion presents itself in multiple forms. The number of configurations may surprise you: When teeth slant

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Captivate Audiences In North Carolina Once Again

Hello Charlotte! Remember when being a toothless five-year-old captivated friends and family? When a lisp was considered precious and endearing? Doesn’t really work for adults in the Dilworth area. Toothless smiles are embarrassing and lisps can make you self-conscious. But

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Celebrity Smiles In Charlotte Without The Annoying Paparazzi

Hello friends of Christopher A. Bowman, DDS, PA! Close your eyes. Picture the most unforgettable smile you have ever seen. Perhaps it is the pleasing smile of your significant other. Perhaps it is your favorite actor, actress, or singer. What

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Charlotte Wants Silver Screen Smiles

With the constant media coverage of celebrities, many dental patients are interested in having a smile like the stars. With an experienced dentist and the right smile makeover procedures, anyone can have a smile they want to show off. Many

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Discover Why Patients Trust Their Smile To Christopher A. Bowman, DDS, PA

Hi, I’m Dr. Christopher Bowman. Practicing dentistry at Christopher A. Bowman, DDS, PA is enjoyable and rewarding. I appreciate the relationships I have formed with my valued patients who trust me to care for their teeth. If you are one

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You may have already heard of the Receding Gum Treatment on "The Doctors" TV Show, which refers to the procedure as the “Lunchtime Gumlift”. The TV spot emphasizes the incredible ability of this new technique we offer to resolve receding gum issues faster and safer than traditional methods. Yes, the Lunchtime Gumlift treatment is as good as TV makes it out to be!

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